A leader in the construction of functional appliances for 30 years, Specialty's functionals are still popular for the compliant patient. Remember to send a construction bite for these appliances.

Twin Blocks

Clark Twin Block

Dr. William Clark introduced the Twin Block in the 1990's. This appliance is versatile in Class II correction, changing vertical dimensions as well as arch development. Expansion screws can be added for transverse or anterior-posterior development. [ View More Info ]

McNamara Twin Block

Dr. James McNamara, from the University of Michigan, modified the Twin Block by adding acrylic to the lower labial bow for additional retention. The appliance also utilizes ball clasp on the lower arch for retention. Expansion screws can be added to the upper or lower if lateral arch development is required. [ View More Info ]

X-Bow Class II Corrector

The X-bow is an Class II correction device designed by Dr. Duncan Higgins. The Xbow utilizes the Forsus Springs along with the Triple "L" lingual holding arch. Simple activation of Gurin locks allows for further advancement during treatment. [ View More Info ]

Bionators & Other Appliances

The Bionator

The Bionator utilizes acrylic flanges on the upper and lower lingual tissue to protrude and support the mandible into an advanced position. The interocclusal acrylic can be trimmed to allow the vertical position of the posterior teeth to be controlled; the appliance can be trimmed to open, close, or maintain the bite.

Sagittal Appliances

The removable acrylic Sagittal can be made for either arch. It is used to distalize the posterior segments by anchoring the molars and bicuspids against the anterior teeth. Adams and Ball clasps are used for maximum retention. The occlusal surfaces are covered with acrylic to provide additional retention.

The Schwarz

The Schwarz appliance is utilized to achieve transverse expansion. The appliance standardly comes with a 7-12 millimeter activation screw. A single or double expansion screw set can be used to achieve lateral development. This appliance can be used with or without occlusal acrylic coverage.

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