Delivering a splint should require minimal clinical adjustment. To ensure this, Specialty Appliances articulates your models to the wax bite you provide. We can also digitally mount your models to produce an exact interocclusal opening.

Repositioning Splints

SRS Design

The Superior Repositioning Splint (SRS) incorporates a full occlusal scheme with incisal guidance and balanced lateral movements. The SRS must be fabricated with articulated models to ensure the thickness of the inter-occlusal acrylic is accurate. Ball clasps may be added for retention. [ View More Info ]


The Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (MORA or Gelb) is a lower splint used to reposition the mandible in a forward position while allowing normalization of the condyle, disc, and fossa relationships. The MORA is made on the lower arch with a heavy lingual bar connecting the two acrylic halves. [ View More Info ]

ARS Appliance

The Anterior Repositioning Splint is used to reposition the mandible in a forward position while allowing the disc assembly to resume a more normal position in relation to the condyle and fossa. The ARS can be used as an upper or lower appliance. The upper appliance is generally worn at night, as speaking may be difficult due to the anterior ramp. [ View More Info ]

Flat Occlusal Splints

Flat Plane Splint

The Flat Plane Splint may be used as a diagnostic or treatment. Since it does not index or attempt to lock in the opposing arch, the Flat Plane Splint is well-suited to cases requiring a free mandibular position. Designed for the upper or lower arch, it is fabricated with flat occlusal acrylic.

The Damon Splint

The Damon Splint is generally used as a post-treatment appliance and is designed to help maintain the results achieved with arch development, Class II correction and fixed appliances. The Damon Splint is typically fabricated from dual-laminate, pressure-formed material.

Dual Laminate

Dual Laminate Splints, made from a dual-laminate material, have a hard outer shell and soft inner liner constructed for the upper and lower arch. The dual-laminate material can make the appliance easier to seat and can also be incorporated into other designs. [ View More Info ]

Splint Materials

Splint Construction Bites

The construction bite for our Splints can be made using a highly advanced and technical digital software. With this software, we can simulate the position of the arches in an articulated position so the hinge axis will be consistent and the vertical opening built into the splint.

Variflex™ Acrylic

Variflex is a unique acrylic with dual-hardness properties. At room temperature, Variflex is a hard material similar to standard acrylic. In the mouth, Variflex softens slightly to facilitate seating.

Digital Splints

Coming Soon! We are working with digital software technology and a new 3-D printed Splint material.

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