Herbst / Class II
Specialty Appliances™ is a leader in the design and fabrication of the Herbst, MARA and Xbow appliances. We work with clinicians who specialize in the treatment of Class II malocclusions using these designs. Please see below for detailed information about these appliances.


The Banded Herbst

The Banded Herbst is fabricated with bands on the upper and lower first molars. We form a support wire on both arches to completely wrap around the bands for added strength. [ View More Info ]

The Removed Occlusal Crown 'ROC' Herbst

The ROC Molar Herbst is our most popular design. The ROC crowns allow for easier removal like a band and the design utilizes a lingual arch and rest for stability. [ View More Info ]

Crown Cantilever Herbst

The Crown Cantilever Herbst is our most durable design, utilizing stainless steel crowns adapted to the teeth for anchorage. Lingual arch is added to the lower for support. A rest is added to the lower second bicuspids for vertical stability. [ View More Info ]

MARA & Xbow


The MARA utilizes crowns fit to the upper and lower first molars to anchor the appliance. A popular option is our Specialty ROC crowns, which have the occlusal surface removed to facilitate relocation. [ View More Info ]

Anatomy of Class II Appliances

The MARA consists of a square tube soldered to the buccal of the upper crowns. The "arms" slide into these tubes and extend down to the lower molars where they contact the MARA stops. [ View More Info ]

Xbow Class II Corrector

The Xbow is a Class II correction device designed by Dr. Duncan Higgins. The device utilizes the Forsus Springs along with the Triple "L" lingual holding arch. Simple activation of Gurin locks allows for further advancement during treatment. [ View More Info ]

Herbst/MARA Accessory

Expansion with Class II Appliances

The Herbst is oftentimes fabricated with an upper expansion screw. The traditional 12mm RPE screw typically provides enough expansion to balance out the lateral dimensions while the Herbst/MARA is worn. [ View More Info ]

Brackets & Arch Wire Tubes

Either the Herbst or the MARA can be fabricated with brackets and or archwire tubes added. This allows fixed appliances (partial or full) to be used simultaneously with the Herbst or MARA. [ View More Info ]

Class II Appliance Parts & Accessories

Specialty Appliances offers a full range of parts and accessories for the Herbst Appliances. You can order replacement parts or utilize the same great parts we use in fabrication. [ View More Info ]

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