"I developed the iFinisher based on a proven method of finishing patients to a higher standard. Since implementing the iFinisher, I have been able to decrease the number of aligners needed while correcting the bite. I am astounded by the speed at which the occlusion improves."

Daniel S. German, D.D.S. Developer of the iFinisher



The most effective appliance for finishing aligner and braces treatment, the iFinisher is a single-appliance solution designed to do something that aligner trays and braces cannot do alone- promote an ideal occlusion in as little as three weeks! [ View More Info ]

Dr. Dan German

"The iFinisher concept has been used successfully for many years with braces patients, proven to be the highest rated method to finish patients. Now, it has been optimized to work as well with aligner patients. You can be confident that you have done your very best for your patients, all while saving time and money."

Daniel S. German, D.D.S. Developer of the iFinisher [ View More Info ]

iFinisher® Results

The iFinisher is designed to close slight spaces and correct minor rotations and buccolingual discrepancies. It is fabricated from an STL file, which allows for digital removal of attachments and brackets. [ View More Info ]

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