Clear Image Aligners
Clear Image Aligners are used primarily to correct minor discrepancies in the anterior region by using a series of pressure-formed plastic appliances to gently align anterior teeth.

Aligner Products - Types of Cases

Aligner Series 5

For minor anterior relapse-type cases, up to five aligners are used to correct anterior rotations and spacing concerns. Moderate interproximal reduction is often needed depending on the amount of crowding and the space available to reposition the teeth.

Refinement Aligners

On occasion, the results with five aligners do not reflect the exact movement in the ideal set-up. In these situations, we fabricate one or two "refinement aligners" to detail the teeth. We recommend checking the IPR on these cases to make sure the teeth have space to move.

Continuation Aligners

Cases requiring more correction than is possible with our Series 5 aligners may elect our Continuation Service. After the initial five aligners are used, a new scan is sent to Specialty and additional aligners are fabricated based on the results from the original series.

Tooth Movement

Lingual/Labial Movement

Clear Image Aligners are extremely effective at moving the anterior teeth in a lingual/labial dimension. It is critical we receive the opposing model to determine the OB/OJ when moving teeth lingual or labial to avoid interferences.


Anterior rotations in both the upper and lower arches also respond predictably to aligner treatment. The critical factor to complete correction of rotations is ensuring adequate space is present to allow the teeth to fully rotate.

Interproximal Reduction

With anterior crowding, the clinician must determine a treatment plan that involves either expansion/flaring or IPR as needed. In our aligner process, a crowding case can have 0.25 mm to 0.50 mm of enamel removed from the mesial and distal of each anterior tooth.

Aligner Case Examples

Simple Anterior Alignment

Mild lower anterior crowding is one of the most common type of cases we receive. These patients typically require slight IPR to create space for the teeth to rotate. This correction is usually accomplished with 3-5 total aligners.

Anterior Space Closure

Anterior space closure is highly effective with our aligner series. Either arch can be treated to close spaces, and the cuspids can also be repositioned as needed. Upper anterior space closure can also improve the angulation of the teeth.

Moderate Anterior Corrections

Cases requiring anterior movement beyond our initial Series 5 aligners fall into the category of Moderate Movement. After the initial 5 aligners are used, a new scan is sent to Specialty and additional aligners are fabricated to continue the corrections.

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