Hawley Retainers
Specialty Appliances™ offers several types of active and passive retainer designs. We take pride in the quality of our wire bending and acrylic finishing and wide selection of acrylic colors and designs. Be sure to reference the color guide when ordering retainers.

Hawley Designs

Standard Hawley

The standard upper Hawley retainer has a labial bow constructed from .032" wire and a set of clasps for retention. The labial bow crosses the occlusal plane distal to the cuspids and the loops provide adjustment capability. C-Clasps are placed on the first molars for anchorage on the upper. [ View More Info ]

Soldered "C" Clasp

The Labial Bow Soldered to C-Clasp design uses a .032 labial bow and .032 C-Clasp soldered off the adjustment loop for retention. The C-Clasp can be adjusted for activation. The wire only crosses the occlusal plane in the cuspid area. The appliance standard has acrylic coverage extending to the most posterior tooth. [ View More Info ]

Soldered Labial Bow

The Labial Bow Soldered to Adams Clasp offers circumferential retention as well as anchorage. The Adams Clasps are placed on the upper first molars and a .036 labial bow soldered to the Adams Clasps. This design allows the bicuspids to settle into the occlusion after orthodontic treatment. [ View More Info ]

The Specialty Wrap

The Specialty Wrap utilizes the clear bow labial bow. Manufactured from the most durable material on the market, the clear bow is adapted to the teeth with C-clasps on the first molars for additional retention. There are no wires crossing the occlusion for interference, making the labial bow is essentially invisible and stain-proof. [ View More Info ]

Wraparound Hawley

The Wraparound Hawley offers circumferential retention, which allows the teeth to settle into position after treatment. The appliance has a .036 wire extending to the most posterior teeth. A support wire is placed in the bicuspid area to maintain vertical support. The appliance has full palatal acrylic coverage standard. [ View More Info ]

Invisible Retainers

Invisible retainers can be delivered at the debonding appointment with our digital bracket removal. These retainers are made from an .040 durable material. If additional retainers are desired, you can utilize our unique Guardian system. View More Information.

Spring Retention

Spring Hawleys

The Spring Hawley combines the Spring Retainer's anterior with the Hawley's posterior. This design provides maximum anchorage for the alignment of the anterior teeth. Anterior teeth that are not in proper alignment are reset into an ideal or slightly over-corrected position. The appliance has acrylic on the labial bow and a mushroom-shaped lingual spring. [ View More Info ]

"Super" Modified Spring Retainer

There have been several modifications to the Spring Hawley to facilitate tooth movement. The example shown utilizes the Upper Super Modified Spring Hawley design. This is one of the most popular and effective designs of Spring Hawley Retainers used today. The example shown incorporates lingual loops, which are added to make the section more flexible. [ View More Info ]

Helical Bow Spring Hawley

The Helical Bow Spring Hawley Design is designed like the Spring Hawley but uses a Helical Labial Bow to aid in correcting minor tooth movement. The appliance has greater anterior flexibility to help with minor space closure. The appliance standard has acrylic coverage extending to the most posterior tooth. [ View More Info ]

Hawley Accessories


Specialty Appliances has a variety of clasping options available. [ View More Info ]

Specialized Labial Bows

The multiple labial bow options allow doctors to extend their custom treatment plan into the retention stage. [ View More Info ]

Acrylic Color Chart

Feel free to print this acrylic color guide for your patients to use in their decision-making process. [ View More Info ]

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