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Welcome to Specialty Appliances, the leader in providing orthodontic solutions designed to grow your practice. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and efficiency, we lead the industry in creating cutting-edge appliances tailored to meet your unique needs. Our mission is clear: to empower orthodontic professionals by delivering solutions that not only enhance patient care but also streamline workflows by reducing chair time and increasing profits.

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Hybrid Complete

Hybrid Complete is an orthodontic treatment that combines the use of traditional braces and invisible aligners to achieve faster and more effective treatment results. Hybrid Complete comes with a set of invisible retainers to preserve your patients’ smile at the end of treatment.

  • 3D Indirect Bonding + Clear Image Aligners + Invisible Retainers
  • One low, up-front cost, regardless of length of treatment
  • Begin treatment in traditional braces to correct verticals and torque and then move to aligners for the finishing process
  • Shorter treatment times and more accurate results
  • Less office visits = More open chairs for new patients


3D Printed Appliances

  • Eliminate separator appointments
  • Easy delivery and removal
  • No band fitting issues
  • No tissue blanching
  • Time and money saving system

Available with Nance, Habit, and Haas Appliances, Lingual Arches, TADs, Band and Loops, Transpalatal Arches, RPEs, Class II Appliances and more!

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