The MARA utilizes crowns fit to the upper and lower first molars to anchor the appliance. A popular option is our Specialty ROC crowns, which have the occlusal surface removed to facilitate relocation.


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Available in 3D Printing?

  • Yes

Anchorage Types

  • Bands
  • ROCS
  • Crowns

Expansion Options

  • 12mm RPE Screw
  • Mini-Expander
  • Click Screw



  • Lower Lingual Arch (no loops)

Optional Add Ons:

  • Lower Lingual Arch with Loops
  • Transpalatal Arch
  • Quad Helix
  • Occlusal Rests
  • Archwire Tubes
  • Lingual Seating Lugs
  • Vertical Slits (ROCs or Crowns)
  • Vent Holes (Crowns)
  • Debonding Holes (Crowns)

Brackets & Arch Wire Tubes

We can fabricate the MARA with brackets and/or archwire tubes added.

This allows you to use fixed appliances (partial or full) simultaneously with the MARA.

MARA with Brackets Specialty Appliances

Expansion With Class II Appliances

The MARA is oftentimes fabricated with an upper expansion screw.

The traditional 12mm RPE screw typically provides enough expansion to balance out the lateral dimensions while the MARA is worn.

MARA with Fixed Appliance Specialty Appliances

Anatomy of MARA

Fully activated MARA. Hooks soldered to the upper crown and elbow are held together by a ligature tie and secure the elbow to the crown.

MARA anatomy

FAQs About Herbst & MARA Appliances