Submitting a Digital Case to Specialty Appliances

Step 1: Complete Intraoral Scan

Make sure to consider why you're scanning each patient before you begin scanning.

  • Taking a moment to do this will help make sure you capture accurate and relevant anatomy.
  • For example, if you're scanning a patient to send to Specialty Appliances™ for the fabrication of an upper fixed retainer, you will want to make sure to scan the lower arch in addition to the upper so the patient's occlusion can be evaluated during fabrication.


Evaluate each scan before releasing your patient.

  • Once you have completed the scan, a quick review of the scan prior to releasing the patient will help ensure the success of the appliance being requested.
  • When reviewing the scans, you are looking for any inaccuracies or distortions that may be present.
  • If there are any distortions detected that may be detrimental to the fabrication of the appliance, we highly recommend re-scanning the patient.


Distortion Detection & Relevance

  • Knowing how specific distortions occur is often very helpful in preventing them.
  • For additional information about the different types of distortions and specific anatomy that must be accurate depending upon the requested appliance, contact us.

Step 2: Complete Digital Rx

See the complete list of our digital prescription sheets.

Save a blank template Rx to your computer. For each new patient, you'll open and complete the information required on the template Rx. Make sure to clearly indicate all pertinent information including:

  • Patient's name
  • Address that we're shipping the appliance to
  • Due date
  • If any physical items are being sent through the mail
  • Doctor's digital signature

Once the information is completed, select the "SAVE AS" option, change the name of the file to reflect the patient's name, and save it on your computer!

  • Note: Using the "SAVE AS" option (rather than the "SAVE") will save your new/completed prescription sheet and keep your template blank for the next patient.

Step 3: Send or Export Scans

There are two ways to get your patient's scans to Specialty Appliances™:

Sending Scans Direct

  • Most scanners on the market allow their users to send scans to the lab directly through the scanner itself.
  • With this option, once you have taken a scan, you will be able to select Specialty Appliances™ as your lab associated with that particular scan, and we will be able to export the scan(s)!
    • Important Note: Only after we receive your prescription sheet will we search for and download your scans (if you have selected this "Send Direct" option).
    • So, it's very important to remember that a prescription sheet MUST BE sent to us in addition to sending the scan(s).
  • This option requires a connection be established between your scanner and our lab.
  • This is very simple, and after you have established this connection once, you don't have to do it again!
Submit Digital Case Specialty Appliances

Exporting Scans

  • The other option for sending scans to Specialty Appliances™ is to export your scans from the scanner, save them to your computer as digital files, and in addition to your digital prescription sheet, upload those files to us using our online case submission portal.
  • The process of exporting scans is quick and easy but varies from one scanner to the next.
Submit Digital Case Specialty Appliances

Step 4: Submit Your Files

In the file selection step, simply drag and drop or browse for and select your file(s) and upload.

More Info

Sending Physical Items for a Digital Case

  • There are scenarios in which a case can be a hybrid between a digital and a traditional case.
    • In other words, if a case is "digital" in that you've sent digital scans but also "physical" in that physical items, such as brackets, bands, wax bites, etc., are being sent for use during fabrication, your case is a "hybrid" case.
    • Once we receive your digital files, we'll print your models while we wait for your physical items to arrive in the mail, at which time we will join the two and begin fabrication.
  • In order to ensure that your digital and physical items are joined up as quickly as possible, please make sure to do the following:
    1. Before submitting your digital prescription sheet, please clearly indicate that you will be sending "bands," "brackets," "wax bites," etc. and that they will be arriving in the mail.
    2. When packaging your physical items, print a copy of the prescription sheet that has been submitted and include it with your items. Make sure to secure all items within a bag or padded envelope effectively.


  • We discourage this method however, we understand that some of our customers prefer faxing.
  • If you submit prescription sheets via fax, please make sure to check the customer portal or call the Customer Service team to confirm we received your Rx.