On Time, Shipping?


Our priority is ensuring you receive a quality appliance on time for your patient's appointment.

We have a standard lead time of 10 business days to make this happen. As soon as we receive all of your files, we’ll process your order!

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Shipping to Specialty Appliances

When you need to ship an order, you’ll get postage-paid U.S. Postal Service first-class mailing labels to keep things convenient.

Here’s how to get your label:

*If you download your labels, carefully affix the label securely to the box so it doesn’t come loose in transit.


Using Another Carrier?
Use This Address

Some of our customers have existing accounts with other carriers. If you send your case using one of your existing accounts, please be sure to use our street address and not the address on our prepaid mailing label:

Specialty Appliances, LLC
4905 Hammond Industrial Drive, Suite J
Cumming, Georgia 30041 USA

When sending models, ensure they are packaged securely in bubble wrap with additional support inside the mailing box.

Return Shipping

Our standard delivery time is ten business days from the day we receive your case.

All appliances are returned and tracked via UPS. Track UPS shipments by visiting the View Case Status section of the SA Portal.

Rush Cases: If you need an appliance fabricated and delivered to your office in fewer than ten business days, a $85 expedited manufacturing and shipping fee will be applied.