Composite Fixed Lingual Retainers

Fixed Lingual Retainers (FLR) from Specialty Appliances allow you to tell your patients they will experience little, if any, anterior shifting after orthodontic treatment.

Ideally, FLRs from Specialty are delivered when the braces are removed, reducing the chances of undesirable tooth movement.

We can fabricate your FLRs from PVS impressions, stone models, or digital scans. This allows immediate delivery when the braces are removed.


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Placement of Retainer

  • Central - Central
  • Lateral- Lateral
  • Cuspid - Cuspid

Arch Options

  • Both upper and lower

Type of Wire

  • Round .028
  • .016 x .022 Braided
  • .016 x .022 Solid Stainless Steel

Placement of Pads

  • Composite Pads on Each Tooth
  • Composite Pads on Distal Most Teeth

Quick Reference Guide

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Instructions for Use

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FLR Indirect Bonding Trays

First, a flexible inner tray made from pressure-formed vinyl material covers the brackets.

Next, a hard acrylic material is processed directly over the inner tray to act as a carrying and seating tray that exerts positive pressure to help set the appliance.

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