Clear Image® Aligners

Clear Image® Aligners at Specialty Appliances give you a fast, accurate, and affordable alternative for correcting minor to intermediate anterior misalignments.


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Appliance Additions

  • Pontics
  • Attachments

Arch Options

  • Both Upper and Lower

Instructions for Use

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About Clear Image Aligners

Our Clear Image Aligner experience offers you total control over treatment plans. Our easy to use software allows you to view and approve each case before fabrication.

You can also make tooth movements on your own or request changes to the treatment plans. After submitting your cases, you will receive notifications straight to your inbox on the status of your case.

Refinement Aligners

Since patients respond with different degrees of success to aligner therapy, there are instances in which additional adjustments are needed to reach ideal alignment.

It’s common to need "refining" at the end of treatment, so we offer refinement aligners to obtain the best result.

Clear Image Aligners Specialty Appliances

Retention Options with Clear Image® Aligners


Guardian invisible retention system is the most efficient way to protect your patients' smiles for a lifetime. Patients receive multiple clear retainers and a printed model, which can be used to fabricate in-house retainers if necessary.

Fixed Lingual Retainers

The fixed lingual retainer (FLR) uses a wire contoured to the lingual of the anterior teeth secured by a composite or mesh pad bonded to the teeth. Lingual retainers are delivered via Indirect Bonding using our dual transfer tray system, ensuring a precise clinical fit.

guardian with fixed retainers

FAQs About Clear Image® Aligners