DeLuke Contoured Expander

The DeLuke Bonded Rapid Palatal Expander can be made on permanent or mixed dentition. A 12-millimeter screw is typically used for maximum expansion. This unique patented design allows for easy delivery and removal. The wire framework is on the lingual only and utilizes a 3 mm pressure-formed acrylic occlusal surface. This allows for easy flex removal at the end of treatment.


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Available in 3D Printing?

  • Yes

Anchorage Types

  • Bands
  • ROCS
  • Crowns

Arch Options

  • Upper Arch

Wire Option


  • Standard Screw


  • Mini Screw
  • Mini Click Screw
  • Click Screw

Delivery & Removal

  • Impression: At the initial visit, an alginate impression is taken.
  • Placement: A non-etch, no-isolation-required, cementation technique allows for moist field placement in 3 minutes.
  • Removal: Flexible cementation caps gently lift off buccal surfaces. The DeLuke Contoured Expander (DCE) is removed with effort similar to removing braces.