Dual Laminate

Dual Laminate Splints, made from a dual-laminate material, have a hard outer shell and soft inner liner constructed for the upper and lower arch. The dual-laminate material can make the appliance easier to seat and can also be incorporated into other designs.



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Arch Options

  • Both upper and lower

Acrylic Options


  • Poured Acrylic

Tray Options


  • 3 mm


  • 1.8 mm


  • Fully customizable

Bracket/Hardware Removal


  • Specialty Appliance's standard when fabricating splints for patients in active orthodontic treatment is to NOT remove brackets or other hardware prior to fabrication.
  • If we should deviate from this standard, please include a note on the prescription sheet specifying that we remove brackets/hardware before fabrication, and we will be happy to do so.

FAQs About Orthodontic Splints