Xbow Class II Corrector

The X-bow is a Class II correction device designed by Dr. Duncan Higgins.

The X-bow utilizes the Forsus Springs along with the Triple “L” lingual holding arch. Simple activation of Gurin locks allows for further advancement during treatment. Please note that Specialty Appliances does not supply the Forsus mechanism shown.


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Available in 3D Printing?

  • Yes

Anchorage Types

  • Bands
  • ROCS
  • Crowns

Expansion Options

  • 12mm RPE Screw
  • Mini-Expander
  • Click Screw



  • Lower Lingual Arch (no loops)

Optional Add Ons:

  • Lower Lingual Arch with Loops
  • Transpalatal Arch
  • Quad Helix
  • Occlusal Rests
  • Archwire Tubes
  • Lingual Seating Lugs
  • Vertical Slits (ROCs or Crowns)
  • Vent Holes (Crowns)
  • Debonding Holes (Crowns)

Anatomy of X-Bow

Lower rod slides into the upper spring and the limitations that the Gurin locks present force the lower jaw to rest in a protruded position.

Over time, bone will develop in the lower condyle and the protruded position of the lower jaw will become natural due to the growth of the condyle.

anatomy of x-bow

A thick wire that is connected to the spring mechanism is secured to the upper band via the headgear tube.

x-bow anatomy upper

The rods on each side are limited to how far they are able to slide along the labial arch due to the presence of the Gurin locks that are held in place just mesial of the lower first bicuspids on each side.

In addition to the lower lingual arch, the lower labial arch is bonded to the facial of the anterior teeth to provide maximum arch stability.

x-bow anatomy lower

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