Invisible Retainers

Invisible Retainers from Speciality Appliances meet your patients’ nighttime retention needs at a great value for your practice.

We use the industry-leading Zendura brand material for its exceptional clarity and durability. Take advantage of our new Invisible Retainer Program today!


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Arch Options

  • Both upper and lower



  • Zendura .030


  • Zendura .040

Benefits of Specialty Invisible Retainers

  • We use the industry-standard Zendura material, providing exceptional clarity and durability
  • Get Value Pricing when you order multiple sets of invisible retainers
  • Minor anterior corrections can be added upon request and built into the Invisible Retainers
  • For your convenience, we accept all intraoral scans for Invisible Retainers

How the Invisible Retainer Program Works

  1. Send us a set of stone models, PVS impressions, or digital impressions from any intraoral scanner.
  2. A 3D-printed replica of your patient's model will be provided at no cost for orders of two or more retainers per arch.
  3. Then, we’ll ship the retainers to your office.
  4. You can then deliver them all at once or reserve extra retainers for future delivery at a retainer check appointment.