Welcome to Specialty Appliances, Formerly Accutech

Account Number & Portal Account

Former Accutech-Only Customers

Beginning June 20th, you will be able to create your portal account. The portal brings many benefits to you, such as HIPPA compliant case submission, case submission confirmation, case status tracking, online payments and much more!

To create your portal account, you will need your Specialty Appliances account number, account email address and account phone number. You should have received this information by mail and email on June 20th, 2024.

Go here and select "Sign Up" to create your portal account. If we did not have an email address on file for you, please call us at 800-522-4636. This would have been notated on your letter.


Former Accutech & Specialty Appliances Customers

If you are a former Accutech customer that also had an account with Specialty Appliances, please use your Specialty Appliances account number moving forward. Your Accutech account number is no longer.

If you do not already have a portal account, go here and select "Sign Up". If you have questions about your account number, please reach out to us at 800.522.4636.


Filling Out Your Rx Form

Former Accutech-Only Customers

Your Rx Form has been updated to offer you additional appliances, options, and accessories. Please use the Appliance Name Guide to help you fill our your prescription sheet. Feel free to continue using the updated Accutech Rx Form, or use the Specialty Appliances Rx forms found here.


Former Accutech & Specialty Appliances Customers

Moving forward, please use the Specialty Appliances Rx Forms to submit your case. They can be found here.


Submitting Your Rx

Save a blank template Rx to your computer. For each new patient, you'll open and complete the information required on the template Rx. Make sure to clearly indicate all pertinent information including:

  • Patient's name
  • Address that we're shipping the appliance to
  • Due date
  • If any physical items are being sent through the mail
  • Doctor's digital signature

Once the information is completed, select the "SAVE AS" option, change the name of the file to reflect the patient's name, and save it on your computer!

  • Note: Using the "SAVE AS" option (rather than the "SAVE") will save your new/completed prescription sheet and keep your template blank for the next patient.

Once you have saved your completed Rx form, login to the customer portal, enter patient details, and upload your Rx to submit your case.

EasyRx Customers

If you are an EasyRx customer, please log into your EasyRx account, choose the [Labs] menu button, find Specialty Appliances on the list of EasyRx Connected Labs, and then request to [Connect to Lab]. 

Go here for step-by-step instructions.

Digital Scanners

If you use an iTero scanner to submit your digital scans, please call 800-577-8767 and add the Specialty Appliances ID: 10767. If you use a different scanner, please be sure to add Specialty Appliances to your scanner as a lab. Use the email address [email protected] to add us as a "partner" and ensure that your cases continue to be received.

Warranties & Policies

Please view our updated Warranties and Policies here.


Bulk Shipping

If you would like multiple appliances shipped together moving forward, please give us a call at 800-522-4636 and request Bulk Shipping as your preferred shipping method.


Video Tutorial