ICERam Class II Clear Distalizer

The Iceram Distalizer is an aesthetic orthodontic appliance used to treat Class II patients in permanent or mixed dentition and which connects the maxillary canine or premolar to the first or second molar.

Sold in packs of 2 or a kit. Kit contains 2 of each size: 23mm, 25mm, 27mm. Size selection is performed with the aid of an included flexible millimeter ruler.

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The IceRam Distalizer is universal and can be used for right and left arches. It has excellent patient acceptance, as it is aesthetic and comfortable.

The IceRam Class II Correction Distalizer promotes the resolution of anterior-posterior problems in a fast and stable way, allows rotation of molars and distalization of premolars and canines, and does not depend on the overjet to correct molars and canines, since it is not connected to the incisors.

Size selection is performed with the aid of a flexible millimeter ruler, which must be positioned from the buccal central sulcus of the first molar to the center of the buccal face of the canine.

Depending on the distance obtained by the ruler, the Iceram Distalizer can be equal or different sizes on each side, right and left.

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