ICERam-P MBT .022 Polycrystalline Brackets

ICERam-P brackets are made of polycrystalline aluminum oxide and submitted to a state of the art treatment that causes them to become transparent, practically invisible, similar to Sapphire brackets.

ICERam-P brackets are resistant to pigmentation, maintaining their cosmetic features from the beginning to the end of treatment, with no deterioration or color change.

ICERam-P brackets are sold in 5-5 kits and bags of 5 brackets/tooth.

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ICERam-P ceramic brackets feature low profile, rounded edges and spherical ball hooks for increased patient comfort.

These brackets feature an anatomical base with mesiodistal and occlusal-gingival curvatures. Retaining edges on the base prevent resin leakage and facilitate the removal of excess adhesive.

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