U-Clip Roth .022 Self-Ligating Brackets

U-Clip is an interactive self-ligating bracket with a Nickel-Titanium Clip. Its elasticity and memory allow the bracket to return to its original position without permanent deformations.

The interactions between the clip and archwire exert light and continuous force, ensuring the best movement control.

U-Clip brackets are sold in 5-5 kits and bags of 5 brackets/tooth.

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U-Clip brackets feature the exclusive patented LB2—Laser Bonded Booster, a laser texturing process on the base that increases retention and ensures greater adhesion efficiency.



The clip in the passive function reduces friction, increasing the efficiency of the sliding mechanics during the initial stages of treatment and promoting quick alignment and leveling. There is no pressure on the clip when using round archwires, making teeth movement more comfortable for the patient.



In the subsequent stages of treatment, when higher gauge rectangular wires are used, the clip starts to have an active function, exerting pressure on the archwire and providing better control of the torque and rotation, allowing a more accurate expression of the prescription used.

Archwire Sequence for Self-Ligating Brackets:

  • Flexy NiTi Copper ALX: 0.014 “| 0.018 “| 0.014 “x 0.025” | 0.017 “x 0.025”
  • Flexy NiTi Super Elastic ALX: 0.019 “x 0.025”
  • Orthometric Stainless Steel: 0.019 “x 0.025”

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