Vinyl Positioner

Vinyl material has set the standard in positioners for years. so at Specialty Appliances, we can fabricate the positioner from a soft, crystal-clear vinyl material.

This material increases patient comfort with its soft, rounded borders while retaining the stability you need to promote an ideal occlusion.



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  • Airholes (3 or 5)
  • Serrations
  • Ball Clasps

Material Options

  • Clear Vinyl: Soft
  • Clear Vinyl: Medium


  • Average Bite Opening
  • Gnathological Set Up (Sam, Denar, Panadent)

Digital Positioner Set-Up

Advanced digital software is used to fabricate all of our positioner set-ups, allowing us to reset the teeth to more exact positions.

We can detail the final occlusion, taking into consideration all gnathological movements.

Digital vinyl positioner Setup
Digital Bite Construction Specialty Appliances

Digital Construction Bite

We can simulate the position of the arches in an articulated position.

That way, the hinge axis will be consistent, building the vertical opening into the appliance evenly from anterior to posterior.