Ensuring a Successful
Lab Experience

We want you to have a simple, issue free experience in submitting cases and getting your appliances from us.  As you know, we pride ourselves on great quality, on time delivery and working with you.

Specialty Appliances

Important Details

You can help us to help you please be mindful of these important details:

  • The RX and Scans must be submitted at the same time. Scans can either be sent to us through your scanner or exported and attached in the customer portal along with the Rx.
  • When submitting through EASYRX, use a clean RX with each submission. If there are multiple comments added on a template, it can cause confusion for the lab.
  • Be sure that all anatomy relevant to the appliance being requested is captured.
    • For example, be sure to always capture the palatal anatomy when requesting appliances such as upper Hawley retainers, upper palatal expanders, Theroux retainers, Habit appliances, Bite Planes, TPAs, etc.
  • When submitting any appliance with bands, please consider whether the teeth to be banded are fully erupted. If not, please either fit and send bands to our lab or select fully erupted teeth for bands.

Appliance Specific Details

  • When submitting for an upper fixed lingual retainer, consider if there is enough clearance available or if there will be occlusal interference. Other retention options are available for cases in which there will not be enough clearance for the fixed lingual retainer.
  • Remove existing appliances as often as possible before scanning or impressing for a new appliance.
  • When bite ramps/blocks are present in a scan, indicate on the Rx whether we should keep them or digitally remove them.
  • When requesting an appliance with a pontic, always provide the pontic shade.
  • When requesting an acrylic appliance, always provide an acrylic color. Refer to our website for color options.
  • If requesting an appliance remake, please provide detailed information about why the original appliance was not sufficient.
Specialty Appliances orthodontics
Specialty Appliance orthodontics

No Guarantee Option

Please note that for some of the issues described above, issuing a No Guarantee is an option. When a No Guarantee is issued, we will proceed with fabrication of your appliance despite having less than sufficient anatomy, however, a No Guarantee does void the appliance’s warranty.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or feedback, you can call us at 800-522-4636 or email [email protected]. Our team is ready to assist you in any way possible and we look forward to working with you.