Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment: Patient & Practice Benefits

No single treatment method works best for every orthodontic condition – this is a fact that every orthodontist can agree on. With so much variability between patient needs, it’s your job to adapt to the individual’s unique dental anatomy to give them the look they desire as quickly and effectively as possible. Sometimes, that requires orthodontic appliances like traditional braces. Sometimes, it means using a series of clear aligner trays. More often than not, however, the best way to treat a patient’s smile is to use a combination of multiple appliances, and that’s where hybrid orthodontic treatment comes in. 

Hybrid Complete allows you to correct verticals, expansion, and torque with traditional braces for 3-6 months, then finish treatment with 10-15 stages of aligners, so your practice can produce better results for patients and your practice, too. Here’s how.

Patient Benefits of Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment Plans

More Options, Happier Patients

Many patients prefer more discreet treatment options like clear aligners, but not every patient is a good candidate for these appliances alone. For patients with more complex dental conditions who are concerned about the look of their treatment plan, hybrid appliances in orthodontics offer a new solution: start with braces, and finish with aligners. 

This approach allows you, as the dentist or orthodontist, to address major alignment problems with traditional braces and then switch to aligners for the remainder of the treatment. Adding this flexible option to your treatment plan toolkit broadens the range of patients who can benefit from the aesthetic and comfort advantages of clear aligners without disrupting their quality of care. 

Reduced Susceptibility to Decalcification

Decalcification, which leads to white spot lesions, is a well-known risk that often comes with traditional braces due to difficulty maintaining oral hygiene around the brackets. By limiting the duration of wearing braces and switching to aligners mid-treatment, you can reduce your patients’ risk of decalcification, as aligners remove the obstacle of brushing around brackets and wires. 

Shorter Treatment Times, Less Patient Fatigue

Hybrid treatments can often be more efficient, leading to fewer adjustment appointments and shorter overall treatment times. In fact, hybrid treatment averages eight office visits versus 16-20 for traditional braces and 8-10 for aligner-only treatment, assuming the average appointment frequency is six weeks for braces and 10 weeks for aligners. 

This efficiency is particularly beneficial in reducing patient fatigue, which is a common issue with prolonged orthodontic treatments. Patients are more likely to stay committed and satisfied with the treatment when they see quicker results and experience less discomfort over a shorter period.

Easier Cleaning for Better Oral Hygiene

There’s no doubt about it: braces can make cleaning teeth more challenging for many patients. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are removable, which allows for normal brushing and flossing. By switching to clear aligners at some stage of the treatment, hybrid orthodontic treatments often allow for healthier smiles overall.


Older teens and adult patients are often concerned about the look of traditional metal braces, and some even so much so as to forego treatment altogether. In a hybrid treatment approach, the promise of transitioning into clear aligners midway through treatment can provide the incentive a patient needs to move forward without excessively compromising aesthetics. 

Should a patient require more intensive treatment, for example, you may opt for the less noticeable ceramic brackets before switching to clear aligners later, providing a much more aesthetically pleasing treatment plan from start to finish. 

Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment: Patient & Practice Benefits - Specialty Appliances

Practice Benefits of Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment Plans

More Patient Compliance, Better Clinical Outcomes

Your patients aren’t the only ones who will benefit from reduced patient fatigue – as their orthodontist, you will, too. When your patients’ treatment plans feel shorter, more comfortable, and more discreet, they’re more likely to adhere to your prescribed treatment regimen and attend follow-up appointments. This personal investment and increased compliance translate to better clinical outcomes, as the treatment is more likely to be carried out as planned. 

Higher Rates of Treatment Acceptance

With their aesthetic and comfort advantages, hybrid orthodontic treatments are often more appealing to patients, especially adults concerned about the appearance and inconvenience of traditional braces. This can lead to higher rates of treatment acceptance as patients are more inclined to opt for a treatment that aligns with their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Increased Efficiency Means You Can Take On More Patients

Shorter treatment times not only benefit patients but also increase the efficiency of your practice. By reducing the duration of each patient’s treatment, your team can manage up to 25% more patients over the same period, effectively optimizing your practice’s capacity and scheduling.

Increased Profitability

With the ability to treat more patients and the potential for higher treatment acceptance rates, hybrid orthodontic treatments can significantly increase a practice’s profitability. Additionally, offering advanced and customized treatment options like hybrid orthodontics can position your practice as a leader in innovative orthodontic solutions, potentially attracting a broader patient base.

Less Labor-Intensive

The use of 3D technology for indirect bracket placement, as offered in our Hybrid Complete plan, streamlines the process of applying braces. It allows for more precise and efficient bracket placement, reducing chair time and labor, which not only improves the patient experience but also enhances the workflow efficiency for you and your team.

Try Hybrid Complete from Specialty Appliances

The benefits are clear: hybrid orthodontic treatment provides both you and your patients with an optimal choice for treatment that makes everyone smile. As your leading provider of orthodontic supplies, Specialty Appliances offers a wide range of orthodontic appliance packages, like Hybrid Complete, which provides you with 3D indirect bonding trays, up to 30 Clear Image® Aligner sets, and a set of invisible retainers

One Up-Front Cost

Save money with a transparent fee that won’t change regardless of treatment length. 

Includes 3D Indirect Bonding Trays

Increase bracket placement accuracy with 3D indirect bonding trays, with the option to use Specialty Appliance brackets or provide your own.

Two-Layered Custom Indirect Bonding Trays

Use these two-layered trays to prevent “sticking,” reduce flash on teeth, and allow your clinician to bond with flowable composite while ensuring effective bracket seating. 

Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment: Patient & Practice Benefits - Specialty Appliances

Position Your Practice as a Leader In Treatment Quality

The more options you’re able to offer your patients, the more your practice will stand out as the leading orthodontic provider in your area – and Specialty Appliances will help you get there. As the largest orthodontic supply company in the U.S., our high-quality orthodontic supplies will give you and your practice peace of mind every time. 

Learn more about Hybrid Complete or 3D indirect bonding onboarding, and get started today.