Hybrid Complete

Hybrid Complete is an orthodontic treatment that combines the use of traditional braces and invisible aligners to achieve faster and more effective treatment results. Hybrid Complete comes with a set of invisible retainers to preserve your patients’ smile at the end of treatment.


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Arch Options

  • Both Upper and Lower

3DIB Bracket Types

  • Ceramic (Twin)
  • Metal (Twin or Self-Ligating)
  • Doctor Provided Brackets

3DIB Tray Options

  • Full Arch
  • Midline Arch)
  • Three Piece

Aligner Add Ons

  • Pontics
  • Attachments

Instructions for Use

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Faster & More Effective Treatment Results

Step 1: 3D Indirect Bonding

3D Indirect Bonding is the process of digitally placing brackets on a patient’s teeth and then creating a custom tray to transfer the brackets to the teeth.

  • Increased bracket placement accuracy
  • Doctor controlled
  • Time efficient
  • Less labor intensive
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Step 2: Clear Image® Aligners

Switch to Clear Image Aligners for an aesthetic end to treatment.

  • Remove brackets sooner
  • Aesthetics are maximized, and oral hygiene is easier
  • Finishing with fixed appliances can be difficult
  • Up to 30 aligners included in Hybrid Complete
Clear Image Aligners Specialty Appliances
Step 3: Invisible Retainers

With Hybrid Complete, you will receive a set of invisible retainers with your aligner shipment. Provide the invisible retainers to your patient at the end of treatment to preserve their smile.

  • Made with long-lasting, durable Zendura material
  • Hassle-free retention. No additional scans required
  • Invisible retainers are included in up-front Hybrid Complete price
Invisible Hybrid Complete Retainer
Advantages of Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment
  • Aesthetics, particularly with ceramic brackets
  • Ease of oral hygiene
  • Reduced susceptibility to decalcification
  • Increased practice efficiency with shorter treatment times
  • Less patient fatigue

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